Plug It In

Grant Grieves Ridin’ High Wildhair Music Grant was a publicity client way back in 1973/74, and it was good lately to discover he’s still doing what he does — high energy music with a pronounced rockabilly sensibility. Everything grows or dies, however, and Grant is unquestionably NOT dead, so please don’t let the “rockabilly” label limit your expectations. For one thing, Grant has vocal depth and expression far beyond our memories of the ’50s, and the band here is … well, sons Dug and Terry handle guitars and drums respectively with a lot of traditional energy, while Bob Patin demonstrates that all high-energy piano stylings don’t come directly from Jerry Lee or Little Richard. With Dave Roe on upright bass, Mike Henderson and Mike Douchette divide up the four tracks utilizing harmonica — ah, HERE is where the ’55 Chevy transforms itself into a Jeep Cherokee, fully capable of blazing new trails. I’d like to see Grant tackle some ballad material beyond the couple of pace changers here, but FIRST I would LOVE to see “I Grew Up To Play The Guitar” become the hit it deserves to be. It could literally fit many of today’s formats, simply because the guitar has become such a broad icon for our era. It’s fun and it’s brilliantly performed — isn’t that what hits are supposed to be all about?

There’s always a chair with your name on it at:

Uncle Willam’s Place

And it ALWAYS comes down to the music:


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